Our Vision

To completely revolutionize the offices and shared work centers sector, known as coworking spaces.

All this through the blockchain technology, achieving a more just and efficient business model, uniting the present economy with future technology.

We Work + Knotel + Blockchain Technology = WorkChain Centers
Why us?

WorkChain Centers

To develop our platform we have the support and collaboration of the best developers, ethical hackers, academics and lawyers all experts in new technologies.

Profitable office spaces

We have conversations with companies and partners that will be installed in WorkChain centers, guaranteeing a safe and real return from the beginning.

Blockchain workshops and laboratories

Companies and professionals related to the blockchain world will become part of the community, sponsoring activities in our centers.

Startup accelerator

We will create an accelerator with mixed capital to support startups and entrepreneurs in the creation and development of projects based on Blockchain technology.

Tokenize coworking spaces

A unique opportunity to establish a community with shared interests and committed owners that will help us achieve excellence in our work.

The owners of a specific number of tokens will have free access life time to all WorkChain Centers and will be able to sell them, rent them, assign them, change them, etc.


Why we do that?

WorkChain Centers is a global workspaces network where companies and people will grow together. We will transform our buildings into environments where we encourage creativity, focus and connections.

We want to create an ecosystem that favors the use of Blockchain technology, where the owners of our token have free access to a workspace, where they can attend all events, participate in our workshops programs and rent spaces in the centers using our tokens

Movil App App

We will develop a mobile application (App) that will allow us to manage and coordinate all the services that we offer in our centers, as well as to create and build a community of loyal users around them.


These are some of the functions of our App:

  • Receive news and announcements from other members with your same interests.
  • Receive and post offers and announcements from your preferred WorkChain Centers.
  • Book meeting rooms and work spaces with your tokens.
  • Buy, sell or rent your space when you are not going to use it.
  • Discover and sign up for all events at any WorkChain center.
  • Participate in workshops, projects and programs to be developed in the WorkChain centers.
  • Publish or respond to job offers, participation in projects, etc.

Our Token Token

The owners of a certain number of tokens will have:

  • Free access forever in all WorkChain Centers buildings. You can sell them, rent them, transfer them, etc.
  • Free access with preferential conditions to promote, attend all sponsored events in our WorkChain centers.
  • Special conditions and preferential financing to present and develop your projects in the WorkChain Centers Incubator.
  • A part of the benefits generated by the sponsored projects in the incubator, through "bonuses" or "rewards", automatically and proportionally to the number of tokens, through intelligent contracts.
Pre-ICO Start

May 1, 2018 (07:00PM UTC)

Pre-ICO End

Jun 30, 2018 (07:00PM UTC)

ICO Start

15 days after the Pre-ICO End

Duration of the ICO

45 days

Token Supply

31.200.000 TECH (75%)

Exhange Token Rate

1 USD = 4 TECH

Accepted Coins


Minimum buy amount

300 USD

Our token ensures a significant revaluation thanks to the following factors:

  • The significant number of WorkChain centers Opening will cause a greater demand for our tokens.
  • We reserve a % participation of the projects that we incubate in our centers, which will exponentially increase the value of the tokens.
  • All our scholarship programs, sponsorships, acceleration, incubation, etc. they will be financed with our tokens, which will considerably increase their use and usefulness.

Token Distribution


Token Allocation


Our Roadmap Roadmap

Q3 2018

Opening WorkChain Centers Cádiz and recondition WorkChain Centers Sevilla, Málaga and Zaragoza

DAO development, smart contracts and management app

Creation of WorkChain foundation, WorkChain Centers Ventures incubator, WorkChain Lab workshop and WorkChain Technology cluster

Q4 2018

Start of the Cádiz, Sevilla and Málaga university program

Creation of study programs, "Alma Mater" scholarships and Master Blockchain

Q1 2019

Opening WorkChain Centers Sevilla, Málaga and Madrid

Implementation of university programs Zaragoza and Madrid

Start operations partners Portugal and Latin America

Q2/Q3 2019

Opening WorkChain Centers Zaragoza, Barcelona, Lisboa, Oporto, Bogotá and Medellín

Implementation of Portugal and Latin America programs

Q4 2019 / Q1 2020

Opening WorkChain Centers Valencia, Bilbao, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahía

Q2/Q3 2020

Opening WorkChain Centers II Madrid, Calí, Lima, La Paz and Santiago

Q4 2020 / Q1 2021

Opening WorkChain Centers Vigo, Panamá, San José, Asunción and Montevideo

Our team Team

Our team is formed by a group of professionals of all ages and with a wide range of knowledge in the sector

José Luis López
Beatriz Romero
Benito Moreno
David Drake
Council Member
L. Manuel López
CEO 3M Investment Group
Diana Sánchez
Antonio Gómez
Alfonso Valencia
Francisco Lago
María José Torres
Gabriel Sordo


Fares Antonio Akel
Sofía Larger
Joaquin López
Ismael Santiago
Fernando Molina
Marketing Advisor
Óscar Domínguez
Marketing Advisor
Nelson Marco
Blockchain Advisor
Juanjo Chust
Blockchain Advisor
Aaron Martínez
Blockchain Advisor

Our Partners Partners

As you seen on

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Workchaincenters is a decentralized technological platform based on Blockchain that will manage technological centers of entrepreneurship and coworking (shared work spaces).

We are a group of Spanish companies with more than 35 years of experience creating and managing businesses within the traditional economy, we are not a new startup created by university students in a garage we would like to have their age! we are a team with the perfect mix
The youth, training and strength of young garage students, combined with the experience and know-how of "fiftyish" entrepreneurs, you can learn more about our team and their professional and business profiles by visiting the web, team section.

We will have in our platform a technology for generating Smart contracts that work, primarily on Waves technology, Ethereum and Hyperledger, and our community of coworkers will develop according to a DAO scheme, establishing a decentralized autonomous organization where each of its members can develop and execute applications that will allow them to benefit both individually and collectively.:
Blockchain technology will allow us to record all transactions and operations in a permanent, immutable and transparent manner; through intelligent contracts all the processes required by the business would be instrumentalized
information of available spaces, contracting, reservations, payments, management, maintenance and billing, etc.
We will develop a mobile application (App) that will allow us to manage and coordinate all the services we offer in our centers through this application, which will also serve to create and build a community of loyal users around.

Change and completely transform the rental sector of offices (business centers) and shared work centers (coworking), through blockchain technology, creating an ecosystem to favor and support the use, knowledge and development of new technologies, especially Blockchain and related technologies, where friends, supporters, associations, entrepreneurs and companies can live and share experiences, ideas, projects, etc. achieving a more fair, efficient and participative business model, uniting the present economy, with future technology... We Work + Knotel + technology Blockchain = WorkchainCenters.

Our centers will be installed in emblematic buildings of the most important cities worldwide, starting their expansion in Europe and Latin America and will have typical spaces of these centers (shared work spaces, coworking), individual offices, meeting rooms, event halls, common areas, cafeteria, etc.) and other special and private spaces of our centers.

Yes, we have an agreement with two centers operating in: Sevilla And Málaga.
You can see more information in our roadmap.

Yes, our business model has been tested in open centers and it is absolutely viable and very, very profitable.

1) An important part of our efficiency and profitability lies in the way we divide and assign the work zones, being the shared work spaces reserved for the members of the community that own our tokens, and the profitable offices are available for other clients.
2) Profitable offices, based on classic traditional rentals. We have agreements with important clients and partners that will be installed in our centers, guaranteeing a safe and real return from the first moment of opening.
3) Rental of classrooms and facilities for workshops / laboratories Blockchain:
Associations, communities, professionals, entrepreneurs, sympathizers, companies, etc. related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, will be part of our community and ecosystem, sponsoring and promoting activities in the facilities. We will charge a rent for the spaces and meeting rooms for meetings, conferences, presentations, hackathons, etc.
4) Incubator / accelerator / investor Technology startup ventures. We will create a mixed capital startup incubator / accelerator driven by workchaincenters to support startups and entrepreneurs in the creation and development of new projects based on Blockchain and related technologies, helping them and accompanying them at all stages from their inception through our programs. mentoring, mentoring, training and financing, until achieving the creation of efficient companies that add value and implement a solid business model based on productive work, effort and leadership. Workchaincenters will reserve a percentage of participation in each of the projects that we sponsor and / or fund for the benefit of our community.
5) Virtual office services. We will provide services such as call management, reception, mail / parcel management, meeting rooms, secretarial services, tax domicile, commercial address, etc. always keeping our customers informed by phone, SMS, email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

No, Workchaincenters is a private project created and developed by private Spanish companies for profit.

Of course we do!, our commitment to get involved in social programs is clear, firm and resounding from the beginning, we are aware that small actions cause great changes and our responsibility is to help and make these changes possible, these are some of our commitments:
- Facilitate the dissemination and knowledge of projects and applications developed with new technologies, promoting the implementation and use of them in actions and programs that improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people and communities.
- Collect and organize working groups of people with social concerns interested in creating and developing decentralized projects and applications of a social nature.
- Help create, finance and support projects and actions that help to care for and respect the environment, promote and facilitate the use of clean and sustainable energies, etc.
- Involve us directly in our closest community with projects of a social nature that allow us to solve problems and provide clear and concrete solutions (environment, mobility, social exclusion, etc.) for which we will talk with municipalities, organizations and public and private institutions, collectives, etc. from our area and we will organize events and workshops in our center, raising and analyzing research and action opportunities.

With the purchase of tokens you can have your own workspace (or your individual office) and have free access to all centers forever. You can change, rent, assign, share or sell your tokens freely. You will have special and preferred conditions to participate and benefit from all training programs, incubation, acceleration, workshops, laboratories, etc. You will have free access to events in all centers.

In Workchaincenters, virtual money (cryptocurrencies), real money (fiat) and, especially, our own tokens can coexist and complement each other. In all programs, services, projects, awards, scholarships, events, etc. that we celebrate and develop in the centers, you can use fiat money, cryptocurrencies and our own tokens (TECH) that will give access to a series of exclusive services and privileges to the holders of the same.

The owners of a certain number of tokens will have free and forever access to a shared work space (coworking) or to an individual office, in all our centers and they will be able to sell them, rent them, assign them, change them, etc. The owners of a certain number of tokens will have free and free access and / or right and preferential conditions to promote, attend and participate in all workshops / events / events, etc. sponsored and celebrated in our centers. The owners of a certain number of tokens will have special conditions and preferential financing to participate, form groups, present and share their ideas and discuss with people with their same concerns. The owners of a certain number of tokens will have special conditions and preferential financing to participate, present and develop their ideas and projects in the programs of incubation, acceleration and financing of the centers.

Soon we plan to issue an ICO (Initial Offer of Currencies), you can see all the information, legal characteristics, type of tokens, goal of collection, use of funds, etc. on our website in the FAQ section corresponding to ICO.

ICO (Initial coin offering) is a crowdfunding process in which tokens (TECH) are purchased using cryptocurrencies. You can learn more about the ICO in our Whitepaper.

Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Euro y Dolar

To participate in the Workchaincenters tokens distribution, you will need to have an Ethereum portfolio compatible with ERC20 tokens. Please, do not try to send ether (ETH) directly from cryptocurrency markets (exchanges). Use only ETH and compatible with ERC20 wallets.

The ICO will provide the necessary funds for the implementation of our workshops and laboratories Blockchain, Accelerator of startups, Alma Mater Scholarships and other programs of development of the community Tech. In addition, the ICO is the first step for the rent, conditioning of the centers , in addition to the creation of the management platform.

For the crowdsale process we have assigned 75% of the total tokens of Workchaincenters, the rest will be assigned to operational processes. To see all the detailed information, download the whitepaper.

The price of each TECH token is 1 TECH = 0.25 USD. Without bonuses.

Yes, this is our bonus system:
1 TECH = equivalent to 0.300 USD (dollar) up to 1,800,000 (20% bonus token)
1 TECH = equivalent to 0.287 USD to reach 2,800,000 (15% bonus token)
1 TECH = 1 TECH = equivalent to 0.275 UDS to reach 3,800,000 (10% bonus token)
1 TECH = equivalent to 0.262 UDS up to 5,500,000 (5% bonus token)
1 TECH = equivalent to 0.250 UDS until completing the final collection. (0% bonus)

After validating that you meet the requirements as a user to invest in the pre-sale of Workchaincenters, you will have to transfer the ethers from your Ethereum portfolio. After transferring ethers, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the amount transferred and the TECH number you will receive. Workchaincenters ERC20 tokens will only be issued after the official sale, so you will not receive them at the time of the investment (presale). Once the sale is over, all prospective investors will automatically receive the tokens they purchased in their Ethereum wallets.

In case you see N / A or ERC20 Token instead of TECH, you may have to include a custom token.

The maximum supply of tokens is 41.6 million TECH, although only 31.2 million will be for sale.

The ICO of Workchaincenters is a global ICO and is open to all, although national laws apply. It is the investors' responsibility to check locally whether or not they can invest.

You can not buy tokens through Coinbase since it is not compatible with ERC20 tokens. Therefore, the procedure of buying ETH from Coinbase would be as follows:
1. Buy ETH in Coinbase.
2. Make a transfer to a compatible portfolio, such as MyEtherWallet.
3. Send ETH from MEW to the revenue address according to the procedure indicated on the Workchaincenters page.

We are still negotiating with the 10 best exchanges and we should have more news by the end of the summer. Our goal is to appear in at least the 5 best markets and in 2 other markets of the second type to guarantee maximum liquidity.

No, only once the ICO has finished. The tokens will be received but blocked to avoid a speculative market and maintain the value of the token.

No, there is only one restriction period for team tokens. The distribution of tokens has a restriction of 12 months.

Yes, there are two types of KYC. For investors under 5 000 USD there is a simpler KYC process where personal information is requested, such as name and surname, sex, date of birth, nationality, country of residence and passport number / national document. For investors with more than USD 5,000 we have a more complete KYC process in which a scanned copy of the passport or the national identity document of the investor is requested.

The KYC form (Know Your Client) is an investment industry standard that ensures that the advisors have information on the client's risk tolerance, investment knowledge and financial position. The aim of the KYC process is also to prevent theft, fraud, financing of terrorism and money laundering. It helps us to ensure that our customers are not participating in any of the above and therefore the service provider will not have problems with the regulatory departments.

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